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The best code ever written is the code never written.

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my own imperfect advice for interacting w homeless people, as sum1 who has been homeless and is surrounded by homeless ppl:

always acknowledge them if they talk to you, make every effort to understand them if there is a commumication barrier

if you see them repeatedly, get to know them by name, greet them when you pass, ask if theres anything they need, ask about their day. Be a good neighbour.

have boundaries and know what you are capable and willing to give.

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My favorite bad legal argument 

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fact: taste is subjective. You may or may not like pickles, and your personal preference is valid

fact: pickles have a strong flavor and it is detectable even in minute qualities

fact: pickles imply pickle juice, which soaks into all of the food.

therefore: if you don't like pickles, any food which has ever been in contact with pickles is ruined for you

Therefore pickles objectively suck

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@lanodan @portpupper @sir I think though, the problem is essentially that programmers do not have Taste. Most artists grow up seeing Good Art, and strive to emulate it, and then later on experiment with that and develop their own Style. We don't have that (And if you're asking why I'm comparing to art, it's because ultimately programming is a majorly creative endeavour -- see Knuth's ACM piece for an argument on that).

It's like seeing the pre-Renaissance paintings where literally nobody had any idea of what Perspective is, and the parts of the view are all over the place, but it's still considered "good", because for the time it _was_. That's basically all, programming at the moment.
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i. it is better to delete code than to write code.

ii. the more code software has, the worse it becomes.

iii. the best software is that which does not exist.

iv. merely good programmers solve problems. truly great programmers do not confront them in the first place.

v. the greatest programmer of all is the humble farmer who spends his days in hard and honest labor growing food for his family and people, who has never in his life heard of a computer, and never will
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i really just can't get over all the ads today "IN THESE TRYING TIMES WE STAND WITH YOU" shut the fuck up corporation you're not my friend and you never were
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@toffee imagine looking at a cat sitting comfortably on a field of grass. Flowers shifting gently in the wind. You go outside and pet the cat.

This has nothing to do with 3D graphics but I hope it helps

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@newt maybe you shouldn't be questioning the abolishment of copyright on the grounds that it's a necessary means for people to make a living, and instead question why people need copyright to _make a living_. Why is the human needs for food and shelter contingent on having a viable business model? Should we infringe upon the individual rights to share information for the sake of making that business model more viable - or should we maybe make sure that people's basic meets are met, period?

The stock market can have a little recovery, as a treat

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@jordyd boost this instead to receive a deluxe UUID

So yes, don’t automate your voting systems. You’re trading a little extra work for a loss of accountability, security, and confidence in the democratic process. Plus it might not even work.

The best code ever written is the code never written.

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thinking about how dwarf fortress has free healthcare, food, clothes, and housing

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Help finding depictions of positive masculinity in media, Please boost 

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Python: better typed than you think

It amazes me that once I thought about writing a `Result` type in Python, but I never thought about using `yield` for that (which is what the author did.)

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Art project idea:
"Gendered" bathrooms with e-paper signs that change to different arbitrary symbols every day.

Symbol pairs will be chosen so that each day most people will manage to fit in but each day someone else would actually prefer a third/forth/fifth option.

Examples: Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Apples vs. Bananas, Vim vs. Emacs, Triangles vs. Squares, Coffee vs. Tea, …
you get the idea…

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Dwarf Fortress has announced that they are working on adding trans dwarves, and they'd have added then already of he hadn't overcomplicated his thinking.

.... last time when he added gay dwarves he rewrote a large chuck of the personality system so that gay, lesbian, ace and bi dwarves would all arise naturally from the system, so that kinda makes sense.



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Armok is a unique combat class with only two abilities:

create entire universe
destroy entire universe

The player in Dwarf Fortress plays as Armok.

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