My mastodon instance isn't getting updates from other instances, but maybe this toot will fix it?

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@cadey You mentioned planning to stream development. Do you have an existing streaming account that I could follow for notifications?

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there's this one tumblr i follow that seems to simultaneously embrace and mock basic bro gamer culture
he'll post stuff about loving mountain dew and PC building and Fortnite plot developments and how he thinks the first 151 Pokémon are the only valid ones, but then every tenth post will be about, like, trans rights, or crunch culture, or how it's not political for POC to exist in a game and y'all are just racist, etc.

very occasionally he posts personal stuff, and i think i've put together that he's a gamer bro who's engaged to a trans woman from a different cultural background, and he's picking up values from her.

good for them tbh

@luna I like cooked onions, but the flavor and texture of raw onions really turns me off. Unfortunately telling someone you like onions implies all forms of onions.

@monorail @luna A lot of solar physics (think sunspots, solar flares) are in this middle time range

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the word 'bug' derives from middle english 'bugge', 'hobgoblin', as also in bugbear, bogeyman, and the welsh bwg. 'bugs bunny', glossed as 'goblin rabbit', is therefore most naturally understood as a continuation of the mischievous fairies of british folklore. in this essay

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@sir sincerely curious here, what’s the benefit to posting a pdf in gemini and then linking it in http? Just to get people to start using gemini?

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my own imperfect advice for interacting w homeless people, as sum1 who has been homeless and is surrounded by homeless ppl:

always acknowledge them if they talk to you, make every effort to understand them if there is a commumication barrier

if you see them repeatedly, get to know them by name, greet them when you pass, ask if theres anything they need, ask about their day. Be a good neighbour.

have boundaries and know what you are capable and willing to give.

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My favorite bad legal argument 

Because the draft exists, abortion is guaranteed under the Third Amendment

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fact: taste is subjective. You may or may not like pickles, and your personal preference is valid

fact: pickles have a strong flavor and it is detectable even in minute qualities

fact: pickles imply pickle juice, which soaks into all of the food.

therefore: if you don't like pickles, any food which has ever been in contact with pickles is ruined for you

Therefore pickles objectively suck

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@lanodan @portpupper @sir I think though, the problem is essentially that programmers do not have Taste. Most artists grow up seeing Good Art, and strive to emulate it, and then later on experiment with that and develop their own Style. We don't have that (And if you're asking why I'm comparing to art, it's because ultimately programming is a majorly creative endeavour -- see Knuth's ACM piece for an argument on that).

It's like seeing the pre-Renaissance paintings where literally nobody had any idea of what Perspective is, and the parts of the view are all over the place, but it's still considered "good", because for the time it _was_. That's basically all, programming at the moment. @xj9 the thing is that they don’t actually know, which is why tax fraud is a thing. They have to audit you to figure out how much you owe, which is an expensive process for them. Some people’s taxes are pretty easy and yeah the government should just tell you. But people who have complicated situations usually have information about what they owe that the government doesn’t so it’s pretty much relying on you being honest and not wanting to risk the chance of getting caught in an audit. @kick It’s relevant to Jon Blow but it’s not relevant to his Wikipedia article. There’s a policy on Wikipedia that articles on living persons should have “only material relevant to the person's notability, focusing on high-quality secondary sources” ( Is Jon Blow notable for his height?

@ky0ko how important is the quality of the scripting language? Write your own?

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