@sir I’m a software developer who uses a Mac as their daily driver and has experience using Linux on the command line. I want to get a new laptop, but Macbooks are too expensive and Windows is gross, so I’m thinking of getting a laptop and installing Linux on it. Are there any guides you can recommend for getting started with GUI Linux/what distro would you recommend?

@gbear605 older Thinkpads are good. Try the Thinkpad T520, or X200 if you want something lighter weight

@sir since you use an X200, i was wondering if have an opinion on X200 vs X200s vs X200t? (if you have used the latter two or looked into them, that is)

@aminb actually on second thought, I think I tried the X200T closer to its original release (a lifetime ago... almost literally!). I've never found the convertable tablet form-factor to be more than a novelty

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