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The best code ever written is the code never written.

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thinking about how dwarf fortress has free healthcare, food, clothes, and housing

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Help finding depictions of positive masculinity in media, Please boost 

Hey, so it's not too difficult to find games, movies, comics, etc that specifically depict powerful female protagonists and/or trans women because these works tend to specifically be labeled as such.

I have a friend, who is a trans man, that's trying to find works that depict inspiring male role models. He's trying to find works to better help him understand positive masculinity. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Python: better typed than you think

It amazes me that once I thought about writing a `Result` type in Python, but I never thought about using `yield` for that (which is what the author did.)

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Art project idea:
"Gendered" bathrooms with e-paper signs that change to different arbitrary symbols every day.

Symbol pairs will be chosen so that each day most people will manage to fit in but each day someone else would actually prefer a third/forth/fifth option.

Examples: Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Apples vs. Bananas, Vim vs. Emacs, Triangles vs. Squares, Coffee vs. Tea, …
you get the idea…

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Dwarf Fortress has announced that they are working on adding trans dwarves, and they'd have added then already of he hadn't overcomplicated his thinking.

.... last time when he added gay dwarves he rewrote a large chuck of the personality system so that gay, lesbian, ace and bi dwarves would all arise naturally from the system, so that kinda makes sense.



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Armok is a unique combat class with only two abilities:

create entire universe
destroy entire universe

The player in Dwarf Fortress plays as Armok.

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concept: "gender rehearsal" parties where you can go for an hour or two and try out being a different gender. no commitment or anything, just a good space for answering the question "what would it be like if i was a dude" etc

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love figuring out that you can read theorists and agree with some of their takes and vehemently disagree with others, and that that's not contradictory

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why is being a person so hard maybe I wanted to be a duck nobody asked me

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@Are0h "Shouldn't be political" is just code for "should be white". They know exactly what they're doing. It was political to suspend a player for saying "Free Hong Kong" to a human-rights abusing government. It was political to make video games using the labor value extraction in capitalism. It was political for them to have the power to sway an audience to their side about it all.

They make millions from their deals with Chinese corps and are terrified to let Hong Kong be a thing on their platform. I'd like to point out the white boy they suspended for using the f-slur got a shorter suspension and they took more time to "investigate" and "deliberate" the matter; also the announcers in his case weren't also immediately banned for simply being near him.

Hmm, not sure who needs to fix their software, but Mastodon push notifications (Toot! iOS app and Firefox on MacOS) and the notification on the Notifications screen in Toot! are minorly bugged. The notification I got for a person with a Hebrew name (ie. written right to left) following me were phrased as "followed you רבֿקה". I know Unicode is hard, but this kind of thing is still important. @tootapp

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thinking about the academie francaise declaring that gender neutral language is putting french in "mortal peril". your fucking right!!

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Fuck the mainland government, actual Nazis of our generation. White power groups are fucking small-time. I stand with Hong Kong. Tell your own government so if you feel the same way. Not CW'd because it's your responsibility to know about and act on this problem.

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The Washington Post's motto is "democracy dies in darkness".

A subscription to the Washington Post's digital edition costs $100 per year.

The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos.

BusinessInsider estimates Jeff Bezos makes $2,489 per second.

The Washington Post reports 86.6 million unique visitors.

Jeff Bezos makes enough money in a little over than 40 days to buy every single one of those 86.6 million people a subscription.

So it's clearly not lack of money that causes the Washington Post to have a paywall.

Which means there's only one possible reason for their tagline to be "democracy dies in darkness".

It's not a foreboding warning. It's their mission statement.

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in case you've ever wondered why the "techbro" stereotype is so widely despised, here is a handy set of four images demonstrating why

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yo what the FUCK

apparently bose pushed a firmware update to their headphones to make the active noise cancelling worse so people would buy their more expensive headphones

we live in a fucking clown motel
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I don't understand why GitLab is doing these things. Even on behalf of Sourcehut, there are subsets that I don't really try to compete with GitLab on. They have a place in this ecosystem and they're working to undermine it. They're making a void that I, even as a competitor, don't want to and am not prepared to fill. The community is going to suffer for their missteps.

I feel really bad for their employees. If I could help, I would, but Sourcehut isn't big enough to provide a fallback for them. To any GitLab employees who know something I can do to help, or just want to talk, I can lend a sympathetic and private ear at

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